Kaiser II

“KAISERⅡ” is a tough metallic look case for your iPhone 7. A successor to the “KAISER” case previously offered for iPhone 6s, this stunningly designed case is inspired by the regal splendor and dignified charisma of the Emperor. Geometric patterns cut into a metallic polycarbonate (PC) outer cover are contrasted against a flexible TPU inner lining that together form a mesh structure in a zigzag pattern by overlapping each other. This unique design not only delivers a very distinctive look but also helps release heat to cool your iPhone down. This luxury iPhone 7 case delivers both a distinctive style and functionality with the added benefit of enhanced protection too.

Brand : STIL

Compatibility : iPhone 7,  iPhone 7 Plus

Color : Micro Titan, Champagne Gold

Material : PC, TPU, High Luminance Hyper Sprayed, UV Curable Scratch-resistant Coating